First Meeting of NetBeans User Group, Nagpur

First Meeting of NUG Nagpur :
Date n Time :
Thursday September 23rd, 2010; 8:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Venue :
Beans & Buddies
Pratibha Sankul
besides Alankar Cinema
North Ambazari Road , Nagpur

Google maps :

Directions for Alankar Cinema :
Tentative agenda is as follows:
  1. Detailed introduction of NetBeans User Group Nagpur – Tushar Joshi
  2. Introductions of members – All Members
  3. Information about the forthcoming sessions related to NetBeans in Nagpur – Tushar Joshi
  4. Discussion about the basic objectives of group – All members

The meeting started exact on 8:30 PM on September 23rd, 2010 & finished on 10 PM as everyone was so eager to know about NetBeans. The meeting was really very much motivating & full of energy. The strange coincident that we held the First Meeting of NetBeans at the restaurant Beans & Buddies, NetBeans — Beans & Buddies.
Thanks a lot to Dear Tushar Joshi Sir for his kind & very useful guidance to all of us. He told us many things which we were unaware of, I have been using NetBeans but I did not know the history of NetBeans, Founder of NetBeans Sir Jaroslav “Yarda” Tulach, the Sun & NetBeans, etc. Now I & all the other who were attending the meeting knows thing about the NetBeans, and would definitely like to share all the information to the world.
We also learned about the NetBeans Certified Associate Program & NetBeans Certified Engineer Program, etc. after attending the 2 day training offered to us & after completing the different tasks assigned after completing the training. As well as we learn about ThinkingRock for GTD (Getting Things Done).
I have used Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, JCreator, etc. many more IDEs for Java Project Development but I found the NetBeans the best among the all other IDEs available in the market. The biggest advantage of using NetBeans you don’t need to install plug-ins for servers, various libraries, in other  words you don’t need to take care of anything, and simply go on writing code for what you want to develop seamlessly.
I really love NetBeans a lot. NetBeans being a Open Source Application also allows us to know & learn many things as well. I don’t think I am going to use any other IDE in future rather than NetBeans.
Recommendation :
I would love to recommend the NetBeans as the Best IDE in the World for Java & other technologies.
Unforgettable moments: