Aatul Palandurkar

Nokia Secret Codes

Posted on: December 15, 2010

This is generally for the people who don’t know anything about the phones & they get cheated while buying new phones & resell phones as well as during repairs.


The information provided in here work for nearly 90% of Nokia phones. Nokia users can unlock some hidden features of their cell phones. But user can use these codes at their own risk, anyone is not responsible of any damage or data loss or any problem occurred.


IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)

To Display the IMEI, This standard GSM command, works on all Nokia phones.

CODE: *#06#

This code gets under mentioned 15digits IMEI Information.

  • TAC = Type approval code
  • FAC = Final assembly code
  • SNR = Serial number
  • SP = Spare


Firmware Version and Date

CODE: *#0000#

This code gets under mentioned firmware version and date Information.

  • V 07.30 (Firmware Version)
  • 20-07-06 (Date of Software Release)
  • NSE-3 (Phone Type)


Service Menu

CODE: *#92702689# or *#WARANTY#

These codes get under mentioned Information:-

  • Serial Number (IMEI)
  • Date Made (MM/YY)
  • Purchase Date (MM/YY) (The purchase date can be entered only once)
  • Date of Last Repair (0000 for no repair)
  • Transfer user data to another Nokia.

Actually this gives the history of the device.

For some handsets you will have to switch off your cell phone to exit from this mode.


SIM Clock Status

CODE: *#746025625# or *#SIM0CLOCK#

These codes display the SIM Clock status, if your cell phone supports this feature “SIM Clock Stop Allowed”, it means you will get the best possible standby time.


Enhanced Full Rate

CODE: *3370#

This Nokia code Activate/Deactivate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR).

The cell phone uses the best voice quality But the drawback is battery talk time is reduced 5%.


Phones Firmware Version

CODE: *#9999#

This code is used to check the firmware version if *#0000# is not working.


SIM-Lock Status

CODE: #PW+1234567890 +1#

To Display Provider Lock Status

CODE: #PW+1234567890+2#

To Display Network Lock Status

CODE: #PW+1234567890+3#

To Display Country Lock Status

CODE: #PW+1234567890+4#

To Display SIM-Card Lock Status

Use the “*” to obtain the “p,w” and “+” symbols


Security Code

CODE: *#2640#

This code displays phone security code information.


Call Waiting

CODE: *#43#

Check the “Call Waiting” status.


Timer and Game Scores

CODE: *#73#

This code reset timer and game scores.


Manufactures Code

CODE: *#7760#

This code display Manufactures information.


Format / Restore Default Setting

CODE: *#7780#


CODE: *#7730#

This code restores factory settings.


Clear Operator Logo

CODE: *#67705646#

This code clears the operator logo from LCD display.


Bluetooth Device Address

CODE: *#2820#

This code returns the address of the Bluetooth device.


Reset Security Code

CODE: *#7328748263373738#

This Code resets the security code to the default.


Rotate your screen

CODE: *#5511#




This will rotate your Nokia mobile screen respectively.


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