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Introduction to Java

Posted on: March 25, 2011

Java is a object oriented programming language developed by a group of 6 people who were real hardcore programmers in Aspen, their names are as follows;

  1. Bill Joy,
  2. Andy Bechtolsheim,
  3. Wayne Rosing,
  4. Mike Sheridan,
  5. James Gosling and
  6. Patrick Naughton

The development was started under the name “Stealth Project”. In 1991, they launched “Oak” – name after tree outside Gosling’s window. It took nearly 18 months to build the first version of Oak. But in 1992, due to massive amount of hacking it fails. In Summer 1995, Sun Microsystems formerly launched it again with the name “Java” – named after a hot drink like tea.

The key aspect behind the development of the Java programming language, was the need of platform independent language. Many of the characteristics of Java are derived from C++. The Java syntaxes are much similar to C++.

Using Java one can develop all types of applications, likewise;

  • Desktop Application
  • Web Application
  • Distributed Application
  • Mobile Application, etc.

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Hey, great article. Thrilled I stumbled onto it by way of Google, to bad it turned out on page ten of search results. I would personally hate to see your useful posting not be located by others. All the best! with your website.


Hey thanks for the comment, yes will SEO my blog very soon.


Also started a blog on Java programming on http://sokolovic.wordpress.com . I’m short with time to post often, and that’s the main problem for me, too. Anyway, hope for a collaboration on the blog-level, and even more! Cheers!


Yes Sokolovic, let’s collaborate.


Hi Atul, its a nice post. are you going to continue tutorials on Java?


Dear Rakesh Sir,
Thanks for appreciation but I’am just trying to do little for students & beginers, so that they should be able to learn Java easily, also to share knowledge & experiences with the world. I found this is also the easy way to show my passion for Java & its technologies.


Yes Sir, I will continue writing tutorials on Java. Now a days little busy but will post other tutorials very soon.


Thanks a lot sir, I was not knowing all these names even I surfed a lot for these names but couldn’t find them. I appreciate this work a lot. The tutorial is great, interesting, and very useful for everyone.


Hello Raj,
Do you know me? Have we met before?
By the way thanks a lot for your kind appreciation, and I am glad that you like the post, but please let me know about you & the things you require more, I will try to provide the information on it too. I love to help people.


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