June 2011

Hidden Bluetooth Software in XP

Objective :

  • Hidden Bluetooth software in XP
  • Hidden Bluetooth file transfer wizard in XP
  • Hidden Bluetooth utility in XP
  • How to use inbuilt Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard in XP?

You may have faced problem many a times while Bluetooth file transfer, you need to install any software Bluetooth file transfer in XP.

Since XP has its own hidden utility for Bluetooth file transfer, now you don’t need to install any third party software for Bluetooth file transfer in XP.

Procedure :

  • Go to Start > Run
  • Type “fsquirt” without quotes.
Run Window

Run Window

  • Hidden “Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard” will open.
Hidden Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard in XP

Hidden Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard in XP

  • Click Next to select operation.
  • Select option “Send a file” or “Receive a file” & click “Next”; the wizard will guide you completely for the respective operation.
Hidden Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard in XP

Hidden Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard in XP

Java 7 Launch

Hey folks,

I am very glad to inform you that finally Oracle has planned to launch the most awaiting Java 7 on Thursday 7th July 2011. Oracle has also planned several celebration events / parties & in preparation of these events they have created a Technical Launch Kit which includes Java 7 presentations, code samples, and T-shirts, etc.

We at JUG (Java User Group), Nagpur have also planned the celebration event / party on Sunday 10th July 2011.


Venue :

Persistent Systems Limited,


3rd Floor,

Infotech Tower,

IT Park,

MIDC Parsodi,

Nagpur – 440 022, India


Date & Time : Sunday 10th July 2011,  2 PM to 4 PM


Registration : http://www.jugnagpur.com/  (Official website of JUG Nagpur)


Prerequisite :


Who can join us :

  • Developer/Designer
  • Manager/Director/CEO
  • Students
  • Anyone who is interested in Java & technologies.


Technical Launch Kit :

Once you are registered with the JUG Nagpur & for the event, you can download the Java 7 kit here; http://download.oracle.com/technetwork/java/java7-kit.zip

Watch Live TV anywhere

Objective :

  • How to watch TV anywhere?
  • How to watch Live TV anywhere?
  • How to watch TV on computer?
  • How to watch TV on desktop?
  • How to watch TV on laptop?
  • How to watch TV on mobile phone?
  • How to watch TV on cell phone?
  • How to watch TV on mobile without 3G?
  • How to watch Live TV on mobile?
  • How to watch TV online?

As we all know that TV is full of information & entertainment; also many of us would not like to miss their favorite serials too. So if you want to watch TV while you are outdoor or at office or somewhere else on your computer, laptop, mobiles phone, now it is possible with the Mundu TV.

Watch Live TV anywhere

Mundu TV - Watch Live TV anywhere

Mundu TV is a software application which enables you to watch TV on your internet enabled computer, laptop, mobiles phone without 3G (Java & Android Mobiles). With the help of this software you can watch live TV anywhere.

Mundu TV offers following features :

  • Different English & Hindi Channels
  • Change Channels easily
  • Volume Control
  • Pause Live TV

To download Mundu TV :

  • To download to your Desktop/Laptop :

  • To download to your mobile phone :

  • Send SMS : TV to +91 9212401234
  • Go to URL or type following URL in your phone browser & click download link : http://m.mundu.tv
  • To download to your Android Phone, scan the image using your barcode scanner & download the Mundu TV.

    Android Barcode for Mundu TV

    Android Barcode for Mundu TV

  • For Nokia users : http://store.ovi.com/content/56024

List of Supported Devices can be found here : https://mundu.tv/aboutus/mobile.php

Writing Comments in Java

Objective :

  • How to write comments in Java?
  • How to write single line comment in Java?
  • How to write multi line comment in Java?
  • How to write documentation comment in Java?
  • What are the types of comments in Java?

Writing Comments in Java :

  • Comments are the statements which are never executed (i.e. non-executable statements).
  • Comments are often used to add notes between source code so that it becomes easy to understand & explain the function or operation of the corresponding part of source code.
  • Java Compiler doesn’t read comments; comments are simply ignored during compilation.
  • There are 3 types of comments available in Java as follows;
  1. Single Line Comment
  2. Multi Line Comment
  3. Documentation Comment

Single Line Comment :

This comment is used whenever we need to write anything in single line.

Syntax : 

//<write comment here>

Example :

[sourcecode language=”java”]
//This is Single Line Comment.

Multi Line Comment :

This type of comments are used whenever we want to write detailed notes (i.e. more than one line or in multiple lines)related to source code.

Syntax :


<write comment here>


Example :  

[sourcecode language=”java”]

Documentation Comment :

  • The documentation comment is used commonly to produce the javadoc for the respective program.
  • The javadoc is generally HTML, if used in project it is a set of multiple HTML files describing each java program in the corresponding project.
  • In the documentation comment we can add different notations such as author of the project or program, version, parameters required, information on results in return if any, etc.
  • To add these notations, we have ‘@’ operator.  We just need to write the required notation along with the ‘@’ operator.
  • Some javadoc tags are;
    1. @author – To describe the author of the project.
    2. @version – To describe the version of the project.
    3. @param – To explain the parameters required to perform respective operation.
    4. @return – To explain the return type of the project.

Syntax :


*<write comment/description here>

*@author <write author name>

*@version <write version here>

*@param <write parameter here>

*@return <write return type here>


Example :  

[sourcecode language=”java”]
* This is Documentation Comment.
* @author Atul Palandurkar
* @version 1.0.0

Escape Sequences in Java


Objectives :

  • What are the escape sequences in Java?
  • What are the escape characters in Java?


Generally we enter all the characters directly. The escape sequences are used for those characters which cannot be entered directly.

Sequence Purpose
\n New Line (i.e. Line feed)
\b Backspace
\t Tab
\r Carriage return
\f Form Feed
\\ Backslash
\’ Single quote
\” Double quote
\ddd Octal Characters (i.e. ddd)
\uxxxx Hexadecimal Unicode Characters (i.e. xxxx)

Escape Sequences in Java

Boost performance of computer/laptop

Objective :

* How to boost performance of computer/laptop?
* How to speed up computer/laptop?
* How to increase Virtual Memory of computer/laptop?
* How to increase performance of computer/laptop?

Procedure :

1. Right click “My Computer”.
2. Go to “Properties” option from pop-up menu.
3. Go to “Advanced” tab.
4. Go to “Performnce” option.
5. Go to “Advancd”.
6. Change “Virtual Memory” as follows :
    a. Kep Initial Size = Same
    b. Set Max Size = Double

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Make your PDF file speak in Adobe Reader

Hey friends,

Got bored of reading large PDF files, tutorials, documets, etc. Would you like to know if someone reads it for you & that too free of cost. I know you guys are eager to know that, so here it is.

Objective :

  • How to make PDF file speak?
  • How to make PDF file speak in Adobe reader?
  • How to make PDF file speak automatically?

Steps to activate this feature in Adobe Reader:

  1. Open any pdf file in Adobe Reader
  2. Go to “View” Menu
  3. Click on “Read Out Loud” option
  4. Click on “Activate Read out Loud” option or use Shortcut as Shift+Ctrl+Y

 Once this feature is activated, use following shortcuts for different related tasks;

  1. Read Current Page Only – Shift+Ctrl+V
  2. Read Entire Document – Shift+Ctrl+B
  3. Pause Reading – Shift+Ctrl+C
  4. Stop Reading – Shift+Ctrl+E

How to get rid of Thumb.db file?

Objective :

* How to get rid of Thumb.db file?
* How to stop Thumb.db file from being created automatically?

If you don’t want Thumbs.db File to be created automatically?

Steps :

Go to:
1. My Computer
2. Tools Menu
3. Folder Option
4. View Tab
5. Check the Option: ‘Dont Cache thumbnails’

And its done!

If still your computer generates Thumb.db files then your computer must be affected from virus / worms, etc.

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