February 2012

How to create a “Darft” post on Google+ ?

Hey friends,
If you are writing a long post which you want to share on Google+ but don’t have enough time to finish it, and looking forward to save it as a draft & it comes to know that there is no direct option is available.

Then simply create an empty “Draft” circle & share the post to it OR simply share the post to yourself only. Later, you can finish it & share it with other people or other circles too.

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Workshop on Networking and Cloud Computing


HCL CDC conducted live workshop on Networking & Cloud Computing to the students of Late Vasantdada Polytechnic, Nagpur during the visit to HCL CDC infrastructure in accordance with the VMIT College, Nagpur. On the same day Mr. Anil Adwani address students about the process of placements, do’s & don’ts in campus drives, etc. whereas Mr. Ashish Sharma motivated students for the same & gave several tips too.

Java People – Song


A Java Community song.  wrote the lyrics under the impression of JavaOne 2011 conference, talking about Java Comunity, open source and free software movement. Full source code (lyrics, chords and tabs 🙂 is available at https://sites.google.com/site/nbugserbia/java-people
This is a FREE song which means you can listen to it, play it, modify it, use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes for free as long as you put some reference to the original song.


Transcript :

0:15 Java, Java people join the community
0:21 Java, Java people join the community
0:27 Open up your mind hear the freedom comming your way
0:33 Fight for the future save the technology
0:40 Java, Java people join the community
0:46 Java, Java people power to community
1:07 Listen to your people ’cause what you give is what you get
1:13 Stand up, make your choices so one day you wont regret
1:19 Java, Java people join the community
1:25 Java, Java people power to community
1:57 Don’t give up your freedom and dont give up your fight
2:03 Belive, in what you do and one day you’ll see the light
2:09 Java, Java people join the community
2:15 Java, Java people power to community
2:21 Java, Java people join the community
2:28 Java, Java people power of community

I just love the song! 🙂

Seminar on Cloud Computing & Security – Atul Palandurkar


Seminar on Cloud Computing was held at PIET, Nagpur (INDIA) & was organized by HCL CDC (Career Development Centre), Nagpur (INDIA).

It was a introductory seminar organized by HCL CDC at Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur on 04 Feb 2012. This kind of seminars always helps students to get in touch with the new trends in IT industry as well as students can interact with the industry experts too.

Seminar on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Atul Palandurkar delivered a Seminar on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) where students learned a lot about SEO & how it can be implemented as well as how useful is?

The seminar was organized by HCL Career Development Centre, Nagpur & held at Hislop College, Nagpur on 01-02-2012