Aatul Palandurkar

Rotate a picture in Windows Explorer

Posted on: May 14, 2012

Objectives :
* How to rotate picture in Windows Explorer?
* How to rotate picture in Windows Explorer in Windows 7?

Hey friends, if you want to rotate a picture in Windows Explorer, you can use following shortcut :

Press Ctrl+Period (.) – It will rotate a picture clockwise in Windows Explorer

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12 Responses to "Rotate a picture in Windows Explorer"

Very good software and so good to fit android screen


Very good,Very good Software


Had no big concerns of yet


Hmmmmm, this ‘trick’ (i.e., [Ctrl+period]) doesn’t work for me. What happened to the regular rotate buttons (http://bit.ly/KD5GI1) that used to be at the bottom of the preview in Windows Explorer anyway??


Yes regular buttons are there & they perform well but you can use this trick as a shortcut & you don’t need to click mouse several times. This trick works finely on Windows 7.


Well but that’s what I’m saying. The normal ‘rotate’ buttons are ABSENT (i.e., *missing*) in my version of Windows 7 Professional

…(AND the control trick [Ctrl+.] does not work for me either)! 😮


But I found regular rotate buttons are present & working in Windows Image Viewer or Explorer.


good for you — thanks anyway.


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