September 2013

Seminar on Android at SDMP


Conducted Seminar on Android at SDMP (Shri Datta Meghe Polytechnic) for Electronics department, it again a great experience. I have always been visiting SDMP for seminar, workshop and guest lectures. I love to share experience and knowledge along with the students.

Seminar on Android at BIT

It was an awesome experience to deliver Seminar on Android on the occasion of Software Freedom Day which is celebrated on 3rd Saturday of September every year. Software Freedom Day started in 2004.

I was invited as guest speaker to talk about Open Source Software Android on 21st Sep. 2013 at Ballarpur Institute of Technology (BIT), Ballarpur, Dist. Chandrapur, Maharashtra (India). They had even organized nice competitions too on the occasion of Software Freedom Day.

Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day

AutoScroll TextView Demo

Objectives :
– How to use TextView in Android?
– How to scroll Text in Android?
– How to implement Marquee Text in Android?
– How to make text scrollable in Android?

Getting Started :
1. Create a New Android Application titled as “AutoscrollTextviewDemo” with blank activity.
2. Update the layout xml with code given below.

How to do it?
Here is the XML code for Auto Scroll TextView, update your layout xml file with code below.

[code language=”xml” 1=”highlight(14,15,16,17,18)”]
<LinearLayout xmlns:tools=""
android:orientation="vertical" >

android:text="AutoScroll TextView" />

android:marqueeRepeatLimit ="marquee_forever"
android:text="This is small example for auto scroll text view simply using XML, no need to code Java. Hope you like it! Try it on your own, it is very easy to perform" />


Download Source Code
Output :

Output in Potrait mode

Output in Potrait mode

Output in Landscape mode

Output in Landscape mode

This is small example for auto scroll text view simply using XML, no need to code Java. Hope you like it! Try it on your own, it is very easy to perform.

Click here to download source code.

Happy Birthday NetBeans


Video is created by members of JUG Nagpur, NUG Nagpur and JDuchess Nagpur to wish NetBeans a Very Happy Birthday and to show their love towards NetBeans.

Feel free to share video to show your love towards NetBeans.

5 days Corporate Training on Android for MIM


Conducted Corporate Android Training at MIM (Millennium Institute of Management), Aurangabad (India). This training was basically for faculties of MCA department of MIM. It was 40 hrs Android Training that means 8 hrs daily excluding breaks.

On the very first day of training conducted a introductory seminar on android for the students of MCA and MBA departments of MIM. And I am glad to know that they have developed an application too, its really nice.

I have delivered so many lectures till now to many corporates, individuals and students that I don’t even remember but it was great experience delivering training at MIM and I was feeling like a king because of the arrangements by the management for me and my team. I was allocated a room which was 600 years old and was built by the Masters of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and it is maintained so nicely that I never felt that the room was a part of a 600 years old hostel for students beside school of the same era where very own king of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb had studied, classrooms are still maintained as it was. And the food was so awesome that for once I felt to get settled in Aurangabad only but then I reminded of my wife and family. I will never forget those moments.

Thanks a lot again for everything to the trainees and the management of MIM. I would love to visit again and again to MIM, feel free to give a call anytime and I will be there for you people.