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Here is a report on Android Operating System, devices, market share, etc. up to May 2016.

Have a look at the video for the same.

Android Tutorials

Android Tutorials

Objectives :

  • What is Parcelable?
  • What is Serializable?
  • What are the differences between Parcelable and Serializable?
  • Explain : Parcelable Vs. Serializable
  • What is Parcelable and Serializable in Android?


Parcelable Vs. Serializable


Parcelable  Serializable
What is it? Google developped Parcelable for better performance on android Serializable is a standard Java interface
Purpose For marshaling and unmarshaling Java objects For marshaling and unmarshaling Java objects
Package android.os
Speed 10 times Faster than Serializable because it is optimized for usage on android development Slower than Parcelable
Implementation Time Requires more time than Serializable Requires very less time as compared to Parcelable
Degree of Implementation Difficult Easier than Parcelable
Memory Less temporary objects Serializable interface create a lot of temporary objects and cause quite a bit of garbage collection
Use with Intent Parcelable array can be pass via Intent in android

Cannot be used with Intent


Android Tutorials

Android Tutorials

Objectives :

  • How to spoof GPS location in Marshmallow?
  • How to fake GPS location in Marshmallow?

To spoof / fake GPS location in Marshmallow follow the steps below :

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Go to “About phone”
  3. Scroll to the bottom until you see Build Number.
  4. Repeatedly tap it until you unlock “Developer options”
  5. Go back to “Settings”
  6. Right above “About phone”, you will now see “Developer options”.
  7. Look for “Select mock location app”
  8. Click on this to select the app you use to GPS spoof.


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Objectives :

  • How to change editor full screen in NetBeans IDE?

NetBeans IDE is having a new and great feature where we can full screen the code editor window.

This small video tutorial shows how to change editor full screen in NetBeans IDE?

Being a trainer, I need to share screen with code and sometime only code nothing else. This is one of the most useful feature for me while teaching Java technologies and UI technologies such as HTML5, CSS, JS, etc. This is why I love NetBeans IDE a lot.

Hope this tutorial is helpful for you as well.


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