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Hello friends,

In this video I am sharing tips on how to get lucky or how I became lucky all the time. I am sharing tips so that you can also be luck and achieve all your dreams.

Aatul Palandurkar


Hello guys, in this video I have shared 8 quote or motivational quotes that I use every day and they keep me motivated every day.

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In this video we will discuss about Winner Attitude : Success Mantra 001. This video is part of my Success Mantra video series.

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Hey friends, repeat these 10 affirmations daily and see the miracle, you will get success in every walk of life.

Can you judge a person from his/her habits?

As human, we always judge people by their habits, actions, political views, religions, beliefs, till the last day of our life.

Achieving neutrality is the most difficult task.

Take a look at this small video and let us understand about people and habits


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