Recharge Methods for mobiles

Here are the different Recharge methods for the different cellular operators :-

Airtel : *110*No#

BSNL : *123*No#

DoCoMo : *135*2*No#

iDEA : *223*No#

RIM : *305*No#

Vodafone : *140*No#

At the place of “No” use the no. on scratch card for recharge.

Now recharge your account very easily.

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Java Vs. C++

Objectives :

  • What are the differences between Java & C++?
  • What are the differences between C++ & Java?
  • Java Vs. C++



1. Java imports class files. 1. C++ includes header files.
2. Java doesn’t support “goto” statement. 2. C++ supports “goto” statement.
3. Java allows multi-level break & continue statements. 3. C++ doesn’t allows multi-level break & continue statements.
4. Java doesn’t support multiple inheritances but provides interfaces. 4. C++ supports multiple inheritances.
5. Java does not have destructors. 5. C++ has destructors.
6. Java supports auto garbage collection. 6. C++ does not supports auto garbage collection, requires memory management.
7. Java does not provide the facility of operator overloading. 7. C++ supports operator overloading.
8. Java neither supports RTI nor namespaces. 8. C++ supports RTI & namespaces.
9. Virtual (Dynamic dispatch) method is default. 9. Virtual method is needed to be implemented explicitly.
10. It is a platform independent language. 10. It is not a platform independent language.
11. “.class” file is generated after compilation. 11. “.exe” file is generated after compilation.
12. Java doesn’t support pointers. 12. C++ supports pointers.
13. Java doesn’t support Templates. 13. C++ supports Templates.
14. Java uses compiler & interpreter both. 14. C++ uses compiler only.
15. Java is far from hardware than C++. 15. C++ is more nearer to hardware than Java.
16. Java has primitive data type boolean. 16. In C++, boolean is not available.
17. Through Java we can develop Distributed / Internet based applications. 17. Development of Distributed / Internet based applications is not possible in C++.
18. Java can only pass by reference (well except primitives) 18. C++ can pass by value (default) or by reference.
19. Java posses 49 keywords including some reserved words. 19. C++ has 48 keywords. ANSI C++ has 15 more keywords.


Twitter Commands

Do more than Tweet!

Use Twitter via your cellphone. Send these commands to Twitter on 53000 :

FOLLOW username : To start following the new user.

UNFOLLOW username : To stop following a user.

ON / OFF : Turn all Tweet Notifications ON or OFF.

ON / OFF username : Set Tweet notifications for a specific user ON or OFF (you’ll keep following them even if you set it to OFF).

GET username : Shows the latest Tweet from specified user.

RT username : Retweets the user’s latest tweet.

FAV username : Adds latest tweet of the user to favourite.

D username message : Sends message direct to the user.

Enjoy tweeting more! Now it would be more fun using Twitter via cellphone.

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Post/Share Tweets to Facebook

Objective of Tutorial :-

  • How to post Tweets to Facebook automatically?
  • How to share Tweets to Facebook automatically?
  • How to connect Twitter & Facebook accounts?
  • How to install Twitter to Facebook?
  • How to send tweets to Facebook automatically?


Posting or sharing of your Tweets to Facebook automatically is very simple, you just need to follow certain steps as given below but before that you must have Twitter & Facebook accounts & must be logged in to do so.


The steps are as follows :-

  • Click on to “Resources” link available in right panel on Twitter.

  • On Resources page, click on to “See all Widgets” link.

  • On Widgets page, click on to “Facebook” widget.

  • Once you get the link for “Facebook Application”, click on it.

  • On Facebook Application page, click on “Install Twitter to Facebook” button.

  • It will open a new tab/window & redirect you to facebook showing message “Your Facebook & Twitter accounts are connected” & will ask you to share tweets on your facebook profile, check it to do so. And it’s done!
  • If you have created any page(s), then it will ask you to share the same to those pages too using the combobox having list of pages.
  • You can also share link, using “Share link” button on same page.

Now your tweets will be posted to facebook automatically.

How to read Wikipedia offline?

Hey friends,
Do you want to read the complete Wikipedia offline & that too from your Symbian phone?

Try this software:

Mopedi (ovi)

Mopedi is an app that lets you read Wikipedia offline using your own Symbian phone, no need to go online at all.

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Introduction to Java

Java is a object oriented programming language developed by a group of 6 people who were real hardcore programmers in Aspen, their names are as follows;

  1. Bill Joy,
  2. Andy Bechtolsheim,
  3. Wayne Rosing,
  4. Mike Sheridan,
  5. James Gosling and
  6. Patrick Naughton

The development was started under the name “Stealth Project”. In 1991, they launched “Oak” – name after tree outside Gosling’s window. It took nearly 18 months to build the first version of Oak. But in 1992, due to massive amount of hacking it fails. In Summer 1995, Sun Microsystems formerly launched it again with the name “Java” – named after a hot drink like tea.

The key aspect behind the development of the Java programming language, was the need of platform independent language. Many of the characteristics of Java are derived from C++. The Java syntaxes are much similar to C++.

Using Java one can develop all types of applications, likewise;

  • Desktop Application
  • Web Application
  • Distributed Application
  • Mobile Application, etc.

Java Tutorials

Hello friends,

After so many requests from friends & students for the Java Tutorials, I decided to start this series.

Whichever tutorials you like please give your views & feel free to write your suggestions.

Also can request for any topic or  tutorial you require.

Your Friend,

Atul Palandurkar

Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

Objectives :

  • What is MNP?
  • What is Mobile Number Portability?
  • What are the facts about Mobile Number Portability?
  • What are the rules & regulations for Mobile Number Portability?
  • How to go for Mobile Number Portability?
  • How to port my Mobile Number?
  • How to cancel Mobile Number Portability?
  • Can I transfer my balance during Mobile Number Portability?
  • Can I transfer my balance after Mobile Number Portability?
  • During mobile number portability data balance will transfer or not?
  • Can I port my number back using Mobile Number Portability?

Definition of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) :

Mobile number portability (MNP) is the process of transferring (porting) your mobile phone number from one mobile phone network provider (i.e. mobile operator) to another. You may want to do this if you wish to sign up to a new mobile phone provider (i.e. mobile operator) and keep your original mobile phone number, thus saving you the inconvenience of updating your contacts with your new telephone number. Mobile number porting is becoming increasingly popular worldwide due to the savings that can be made by switching mobile phone providers (i.e. mobile operator) in order to get a better mobile phone tariff.

Some facts about MNP :

• Date of Implementation in INDIA : 20th January 2011
• Required time to port : 7 days
• Fees : INR 19 i.e. INR 10 fees for porting & INR 9 will be given as initial balance amount for pre-paid customers. (Free in-case of BSNL)

How to port mobile number? 

• Buy a new SIM and fill Customer Enrollment Form (CEF) and Mobile Number Portability (MNP) form. Submit both the forms with other required documents to the retailer or at any outlet.
• To enjoy the benefits of the new network operator, simply send an SMS: Port XXXXXXXXXX (i.e. Current 10 digit Mobile Number) through the number to be ported out to the Toll Free Number 1900.
• A 8 digit code through SMS Unique Porting Code(UPC) would be generated through which the porting process would be initiated. The generated UPC is valid only for 15 days from the date of generation.
• You will immediately receive an SMS confirming port order. Later, you will receive another SMS confirming the date and time of porting. At the scheduled date and time replace your old SIM with your new SIM.

Terms & Conditions for porting a number :

• Your mobile connection must be active on the network of your existing service provider since more than 90 days.
• If you are currently a postpaid customer, then please ensue that you’ve paid all the dues as per your last bill.
• If you are currently a prepaid customer, then all your available balance with existing service provider will lapse after completion of the transfer.
• You’ll not be able to cancel your transfer request after completion of 24 hours from date of submission of MNP request.

Can existing service provider stop you from joining new network?

Yes, when we send the MNP transfer request on your behalf, your existing service can reject the request due to any of the below mentioned reasons:

• Any overdue bill with existing operator.
• Mismatch between UPC provided to operator and actual UPC generated for your number.
• Your number is in deactivated state.
• Your number is less than 90 days old with your existing operator.
• If there is any ownership change request pending with your existing operator.
• In case your number has special exit clause and the exit clause is not met by you. For example: Special bundle offer, special offers to vendors\business partners etc.
• If porting for your number is prohibited by the court of law.

What will happen to the balance in my account post transfer?

The available balance in your account with your existing service provider will lapse post transfer of your number, thus we recommend you to use all your balance before the day of transfer.

During mobile number portability data balance will transfer or not?

No. Data balance will not be transferred during or after the mobile number portability.

Can I go back to my original service provider after getting transferred?

As per the government guideline, In case you wish to move back to your previous service provider then you may submit a request for same after completion of 90 days on the network of your new service provider.

Can I get my request cancelled at any time before transfer?

You can place the request for cancellation of port-in request with operator within 24 hours from the time of placing the port-in request.

Can I get multiple numbers transferred at the same time?

Yes, you can get multiple numbers which are under your name transferred at the same time.

Toll Free Numbers (For India) :

Do you want to change your operator without changing your current mobile number then dial the following number to choose your new operator;

AirTel : 1800-1031111
IDEA : 1800-2700000
BSNL : 1800-1801503
Vodafone : 1800-1234567
Tata DoCoMo : 1800-2660000
Tata Indicom : 1800-2663366
Aircel : 9802098020