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Objectives :-

* How to execute multiple functions on single HTML event?
* How to call multiple funtions on single HTML event?

Many time you may have faced this issue, you may need to call / execute multiple functions on single HTML event & you may have stucked there, stop working, changed the functionality, etc.

But now don’t worry about it anymore. Here is the Code to execute multiple functions on a single HTML event :-

<script type="text/javascript">
function Message1 ()
 alert ("Message1");
 function Message2 ()
 alert ("Message2");
<form name="NameTheForm">
<input type="Button" name="buttonName" onclick="Message1(); Message2()">

The above code will execute / call two functions on single HTML event. Here for example I have written two functions but you can write multiple functions & can call them to onclick event separated by semicolon (;) as shown above.

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Objective :

  • How to create simple text reflection?
  • How to create text reflection using Photoshop?
  • How to create text reflection effect using Photoshop?
  • Video tutorial for creating text reflection using Photoshop.

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