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LightMeUp – Flashlight Application for Android

LightMeUp – Flashlight Application for Android

It is a small application which uses the Camera Flash to enlighten and which may also help you in searching something in dark. The best part is it works in a single click on  your Android phone with or without flash. If your phone does not have flash, it will set brightness of your phone to maximum, as soon as you close application it will set brightness back to original.

This application was developed as a part of Android Training we provide at AnCyber, Pune (India).

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Auto Profiler – Change profiles automatically

Auto Profiler

Auto Profiler

Auto Profiler is basically a profile manager which automatically switches your profiles based on PS locations that and ranges that are suggested by the user. It has many other features to make you sit in a comfort zone when you are at home, office, college, party, driving, etc.

Being an Android and Java Trainer I do conduct lot of training sessions all over India and face many people right from hardcore professionals to students but there is one common problem with most of them is they need to turn their phone to silent before entering training room and switch phone back to loud after training and many of them just forgot to do it and phone rings during training which results in lack of concentration of some trainees and trainer as well sometime. Many of them even forget to switch it back to load and they miss some important calls.

Auto Profiler is the best solution for them. It is very simple to use, and you just need to set once and forget it for rest of your life. This can be achieved with only steps as follows;

  1. At first user is asked to create their own profile, lets say silent using Profile option.
  2. Get Location and set profile for particular place using Place option of the app.

Once you are done, you don’t need to worry about accidentally ringing of your phone in meetings, training, and classroom. As soon as you walks in to college, it will put your phone on silent and as soon as you walks out of college your phone again will be on loud.

We also have a Setting option here, if you need your phone on silent on some date and for specific interval for example 2 hours then you can set it using Setting option by simply selecting date, start time and end time and you are done.

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Download Auto Profiler for Free

Download Auto Profiler for Free

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Objectives :

  • How to use 3G connections properly?
  • How to monitor 3G usage from phone?
  • How to save money while using 3G connection?
  • How to reduce your bill while using 3G connection?

Get yourself a 3g connection, but are verified of a huge bill? Keep following points in mind and your bill will remain within bounds.


Simply quit 3g (most smartphone allow you to choose 2g and 3g connection) when you are not browsing the internet or making video calls, fear not, push mail will work is well on an EDGE connection.


Pick browsers like Opera Mini while surfing the net, These reduce data usage as they compress Web pages before sending them to your device, resulting in lesser data consumption.


Download an application that monitors data, such as the data counter widget on ANDROID, to keep track of your usage.


Most handset browsers give you the option of viewing desktop or mobile version of websites. when in doubt, go with the mobile version. They are much lighter in terms of data usage.