Features of Android 4.2

4 New Features of Android 4.2

Hey friends,

Google is coming up with a new version of Android viz Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. In Android 4.2 are 4 new & hot features such as follows:

1. Smart Screensaver

There will be a smart screensaver named Daydream, from the Android 4.2. This will allow you to present slide shows, news feeds, social networking updates, stock updates, breaking news and even mail updates on the home screen.

2. Gesture typing

Gesture typing is great feature coming in Android 4.2. Here, you just slide your finger between each letter in a word and the keyboard figures out what you’re trying to type. Although the feature is an old concept, the latest operating system has a better type sensitivity, compared to its previous versions. Combined with Google’s superfast auto prediction, the new feature makes one-handed typing extremely easy.

3. Miracast

Using Miracast users can directly stream internet TV shows and movies from their Smartphones and Tablets to their television (TVs). This feature will work on 802.11 networking protocol, Miracast is the trade name for Wi-Fi Direct or Wi-Di. Google boasted on Miracast’s potential to change the whole connectivity landscape between Smartphone’s and television. This is similar to Apple’s Airplay Mirroring.

4. Multi User Support

This is again a new feature in Android 4.2 which allows customers with tablets to create multiple profiles in a single tablet, secured by a login-id. Although exclusive for tablets, the multi user support allocates fun loving clients with appropriate home-screens, backgrounds, widgets, apps and games, while business users can have their own unique tablet experience. The profiles are separated by distinctive login ids and passwords and even finger print protection in high-end tablets.