Google Docs

Google Drive Shortcuts

Objectives :

  • What are the shortcuts for Google Drive?
  • What are the shortcuts for Google Docs?
  • How to use Google Drive using keyboard shortcuts?
  • What are the keyboard shortcuts for Google Drive?

Following are the shortcuts for Google Drive :



c Create
u Upload
a Action
r Sort
t Setting
. (Dot / period) Share
Enter or o Open
Z Organize
S Star / Unstar
Shift + t Creates Text Document
Shift + p Creates Presentation
Shift + s Create Spreadsheet
Shift + d Creates Drawing
Shift + f Creates Folder
? or Shift + / or Ctrl + / Keyboard shortcuts
d Show / hide details pane
/ Search
Go to  
g then n Navigation Panel
g then f Folders
g then l Documents List
g then d Details Pane
g then t Top of the page
j Highlight the next item in the list.
k Highlight the previous item in the list.
x Select / unselect the current highlighted item.
Down Select next item.
Shift + Down Select next item & current items.
Up Select previous item.
Shift + Up Select previous item & current items.
Shift + a Select all visible items.
Shift + n Clear all selections.

Google Docs offers 5 GB free storage

Google Docs & Drive offers 5GB free storage

Google Docs & Drive offers 5GB free storage

Hey friends, an awesome news for you; Google Docs now offers storage of 5 GB absolutely free.

The main reason behind increasing the free storage limit to match the free limit of Google Drive which also offers 5 GB free storage & 25 GB for less than $2.50 per month & may upgrade to 100 GB on availability & there will be integration between Google Docs & Google Drive so as to compete with other competitors such as Dropbox, Box, etc.