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Watch this video until the end, this video will tell you how to become the best version of yourself?

Aatul Palandurkar
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Students eating fire balls at school in Nagpur. Activity conducted during seminar by Aatul Palandurkar. A must watch video.

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Hello friends,

In this video I am sharing tips to be successful in life and in every aspect of life. Just following these tips I have achieved every milestone and received 12 awards till date.

Aatul Palandurkar

Hello friends,

In this video I am sharing tips on how to get lucky or how I became lucky all the time. I am sharing tips so that you can also be luck and achieve all your dreams.

Aatul Palandurkar

Hello guys, in this video I have shared 8 quote or motivational quotes that I use every day and they keep me motivated every day.

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