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A Java Community song.  wrote the lyrics under the impression of JavaOne 2011 conference, talking about Java Comunity, open source and free software movement. Full source code (lyrics, chords and tabs 🙂 is available at https://sites.google.com/site/nbugserbia/java-people
This is a FREE song which means you can listen to it, play it, modify it, use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes for free as long as you put some reference to the original song.


Transcript :

0:15 Java, Java people join the community
0:21 Java, Java people join the community
0:27 Open up your mind hear the freedom comming your way
0:33 Fight for the future save the technology
0:40 Java, Java people join the community
0:46 Java, Java people power to community
1:07 Listen to your people ’cause what you give is what you get
1:13 Stand up, make your choices so one day you wont regret
1:19 Java, Java people join the community
1:25 Java, Java people power to community
1:57 Don’t give up your freedom and dont give up your fight
2:03 Belive, in what you do and one day you’ll see the light
2:09 Java, Java people join the community
2:15 Java, Java people power to community
2:21 Java, Java people join the community
2:28 Java, Java people power of community

I just love the song! 🙂


JUG Meetup : March 27, 2011

Time : 2pm – 4pm

Venue :

Atul Palandurkar,

125, “SHARDA”,

Parvati Nagar,

Rameshwari Road,

Nagpur – 440027.

Tushar Joshi, Atul Palandurkar, Shwetal Bahadure, Harshal Potliya, Rahul Raja

Attendees of JUG Meetup on 27-03-2011

Attendees :

(From Left to Right)

  1. Tushar Joshi
  2. Atul Palandurkar
  3. Shwetal Bahadure
  4. Harshal Potliya
  5. Rahul Raja


Today’s meeting was very important for all of us, mainly Shwetal Bahadure & Harshal Potliya who are about to join the group very soon.


Sir & we discussed about various important thing & tasks to be done via JUG Nagpur likewise what is open source project? How to create a open source projects & finish it? Ways to spread the JUG Nagpur to more people of Nagpur, and how to make world know about JUG Nagpur? Even we discussed our view about being a member of the group, opportunities we may found while being in JUG Nagpur, exchange of ideas & the things we can learn from each other while being together in this group.


We planned to have 17 & possibly more different YANPAs (Yet Another NetBeans Platform Application) in accordance with the NetBeans User Group, Nagpur. Here we are not planning for something great but just to make it for the first time & later on will come back with something really exciting & useful for everyone!


We also planned to spread the JUG Nagpur to each & every professional & student of Nagpur who is interested in Java & its technologies.


Here at the meeting we also discussed about managing the website & wiki of JUG Nagpur, and to manage the FAQ pages & other pages & then to change the role after sometime so that everyone can learn how to do the particular task?


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