String in Python

Variables in Python


  • How to write variables in Python?
  • How to create variables in Python?
  • How to add variables in Python?
  • How to define variables in Python?
  • What are the types of variables in Python?



[sourcecode language=”python”]
x=5 # int
y=3.5 # float
z="ABC" # String

Please refer above code to define variables in Python and print their values.

The above code clearly states that there are three (3) types of Variables in Python:

  • int – Integer Values
  • float – Float Values or Decimal Values
  • String – String literals


Steps to Run the above code:

  • Navigate to the folder/directory where you have saved your python code or file.
  • Here I have considered that python file is saved on “c:\>” and the File name is “
  • Just type the following command now to execute the Python program: c:\> python


Download code:

  • Navigate to GitHub repository and download the code from here:


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