virtual device

How to create AVD (Android Virtual Device) or Emulator?

Objectives :

  • How to create AVD?
  • How to create Android Virtual Device?
  • How to create Emulator for Android?
  • What is AVD (Android Virtual Device)?

AVD (Android Virtual Device) / Emulator

AVD (Android Virtual Device) is an Emulator which helps in running Android applications onto your computer/laptop and you don’t need physical device every time you write/change code. Using an AVD you can run and test nearly every feature of your application right from simple text, GPS, Camera, Database, etc.

Creating AVD :

  • To create go to Window menu > Click on “Android Virtual Device Manager” or “AVD Manager” option.

  • In Android Virtual Device Manager or AVD Manager window, click New button.

  • In Create new Android Virtual Device (AVD) window, set credentials for new AVD you wish to create, press OK.

  • Select AVD you have created from the list and click Start > click Launch.

  • Here is an AVD you have created, now you are ready to run your Android application.

You can have a look at this tutorial so that you can Quickstart Android Application Development. So start writing your Android applications now.