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All Indian Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has drawn up a scheme to help engineering graduates, who do not get placements through their institutions. Such students will be aided by the technical education regulatory body in taking the start-up route to gainful employment.

The AICTE will help them launch start-ups in the rural areas. Sources said that the scheme, which is expected to take off from the ongoing academic session, will also help combat the problem of unemployment in rural areas.

AICTE vice-chairman Professor MP Punia said that the Innovation Cell of the Council would help arrange finances for the start-ups through angel investors and Government of India schemes like MUDRA. They will not be required to arrange guarantors. The Board of Entrepreneurship Training, Chennai will provide training to the students. The start-ups will be strictly village-based.

There are around 10,400 engineering colleges in the country, which produce around 12 lakh engineering graduates every year. Almost 55 per cent of them do not get jobs through campus placements.

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